About NDYP

What is a young professional (YP)?

  • 21-41 years old
  • Any profession
  • Interested in:
    • Networking and socializing
    • Bettering communities they live in
    • Attracting/retaining YPs in North Dakota
    • Influencing others and voicing concerns
    • Having fun
    • Promoting their communities and the state of ND

What do YP networks do?

  • Connect YPs to each other and the community/state
  • Network
  • Participate in:
    • Service activities: giving back
    • Professional development: enhance learning, leadership skills, career development and personal growth
    • Social gatherings: instill energy, fun and enthusiasm

What is the North Dakota Young Professionals (NDYP) Network?

North Dakota Young Professionals (NDYP) is a statewide network dedicated to advancing opportunities for young professionals across North Dakota.

How did NDYP get its start?

In July 2006, Governor Hoeven in collaboration with the Center for Technology & Business hosted a statewide summit for Young Professionals. In response to the summit, Young Professionals (YP) organizations across the state united to form North Dakota Young Professionals (NDYP) under the leadership, guidance, and commitment of the Center for Technology & Business (CTB).

Any young professional in the state is encouraged to join NDYP.

How do I get involved?

  • Don’t have a local network?
    • Join NDYP as an independent non-affiliate by signing up for the newsletter. If you’d like to become active with a task force, please contact our coordinator.
  • Do you want to start a network?

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