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A little bit about how and when you got started
A little bit about Invisible Innocence’s beginning started with a strong interest in human trafficking at an international level. Three years ago, I learned there were still no shelters that actively had outreach programs, safe homes, or transition programs. I strongly believe in freedom and the abolishment of modern-day slavery.

What should people know about your organization
Invisible Innocence’s mission is to establish a shelter that will provide a variety of services to minors, women, men, and LGBT of human trafficking; including a comfortable living space, meals, clothing, medical care, and twenty-four hour protection. We will seek long term placement in a network of safe homes across the nation, where they will receive proper assistance to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally while experiencing the love and nurturing from parent and grandparent figures. We will also facilitate any and all efforts of our clients to reconnect with family members overseas or in the United States. Invisible Innocence will partner with law enforcement, government, and other private foundations to provide a healing environment for children and adults whom are liberated from the life of domestic servitude, forced labor and sexual exploitation.

What’s one tip that you have for other YPs that are interested in becoming an entrepreneur
Patience and mistakes are so important when entering the business world. I have made many mistakes by being too eager, but applying more patience is starting to prove its worth. The mistakes I make today are the strengths for tomorrow. It takes a lot to get up from a knock down or set back, but those are minor mistakes that have sparked my persistence and passion even further.

Where can people learn more
Please go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/Invisible-Innocence or email for further information: invisibleinnocence@outlook.com

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