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A little bit about how and when you got started
Great Plains Hospitality was created in 2011 in conjunction with my acquisition of The Otter Supper Club and Lodge. While I ran the day to day operations of The Otter, I focused on creating a company that would offer many of the services of what I was doing every day for The Otter. The Restaurant industry is a challenging one, and offers extremely thin margins to investors. By consolidating many of the necessary functions under one roof, I am able to offer investors top quality management services for a fraction of the price. Prior to branching out on my own, I worked for a property management company that focused on Hilton brand hotels, and opened 5 hotels around the country for that company – most recently the Hilton Garden Inn Fargo as the General Manager.

What should people know about your business
Great Plains started off managing company owned properties but is anxious to branch out and offer management services for other investors and ownership groups. We are currently focused on regional growth with an eye on the ever expanding hotel market in our area. There is no project too small for Great Plains Hospitality!

What one tip do you have for other YPs that are interested in starting a business
A lot of people will tell you to stick to what you know, but I think it’s more important to stick to what you love! Fortunately for me, they were one in the same – but I just can’t imagine getting up and going to a job every day that I didn’t love. You will be so much more passionate about and dedicated to the success of your business if you have chosen an industry you are excited to be a part of. I would also say that all those things about the first three years of being a business owner are the hardest are absolutely right – there were days when I thought it would be easier to go back out there and just get a “normal job” but I stuck it out and am so glad that I did!

Where can people learn more about your business
You can visit us online at www.greatplainshospitality.com or by stopping into one our managed establishments and asking for myself or my business partner, Christian D’Agostino. Odds are pretty good that one of us are there!

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