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A little bit about how and when you got started
Since I was little, I had always wanted to be a doctor. At that point in time, I was referring to a medical doctor. However, when I was a fourth grader, my dad was involved in a farm accident, which meant my mom had to change a pretty gory dressing for him. It was at that point in time after I had sat quietly and watched her, I announced “I think I am going to be a chiropractor”, and well, the rest is history. I was the nerd in high school who took all the possible science classes my school had to offer. To my friends, I was known as the “health nut.” I met my now husband in chiropractic school and after graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University, began the process of opening our first office, HealthSource Chiropractic, in Minot. Now, a year and a half later, we recently purchased our second office in Bottineau, and are excited to continue to bring the opportunity of better health and continue the legacy of a three generation clinic there.

What should people know about your business
HealthSource Chiropractic of Minot and Bottineau are dedicated to improving the lives of men, women, and children by sharing a complete health care and education approach with all of our patients. We desire to change the face of Chiropractic through the most advanced treatment programs available and give our patients a better life as a result of our knowledge and care. We do this by combining chiropractic adjustments and progressive rehab to give your body its best ability to be healthy. Our additional services include acupuncture, DOT and pre-employment physicals, Health Risk Assessments, and nutritional counseling. We strive to become involved in the community by providing health talks on a variety of topics, ergonomic checks, and spinal screenings.

What’s one tip that you have for other YPs that are interested in starting a business
Maintain an attitude of gratitude at all times because you are going to need it. Starting a business is hard and has many ups and downs. You need to appreciate the “ups” and remember the “downs” are just as valuable as long as you learn something from them. Having a solid mission and vision tied to your passion is what is going to help you persevere.

Where can people learn more about your business
To learn more about our offices you can visit www.healthsourceofminot.com and www.healthsourceofbottineau.com. We are also on facebook, twitter, and google plus. Of course, you can always call the office at 701-839-6717 or 701-228-2275 whether it is to learn more about our services, schedule an appointment, or even to just say hi!

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