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Fun Fact About the Community


Scenic Walhalla is a picturesque community nestled along the bends of the Pembina River just east of the colorful Pembina Gorge with its surrounding hills and valleys, located in the Rendezvous Region. Walhalla is the second oldest community in the state, having been blessed with a rich historical heritage. These two amenities-natural beauty and a rich, colorful history and with the spirit of cooperation an ongoing commitment to economic development provides an exciting and tremendous future for Walhalla and surrounding Rendezvous Region. Walhalla is a full service community with automobile services, several restaurants, lodging, camping and specialty shops.

Best Reasons for a YP to Visit


Rugged, unspoiled beauty – 12,500 acres of the state’s largest block of undisturbed woodlands, the longest segment of untouched river valley and the oldest rocks and fossils makes Walhalla a destination unlike any other tourism spot in the state. Hikers, birders, kayakers and other nature lovers catch glimpses of elk, moose and an occasional bear that are among more than 20 different types of animals living in the gorge. Eight wildlife management areas within the greater Rendezvous Region attract hundreds of bird species.

Recreation in the Pembina Gorge consists of canoeing, hiking, biking horseback riding, ski and snowboard area, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, wildlife observing, and birding guaranteeing year round family entertainment.


The Pembina Gorge extends from the Canadian border west of Walhalla and encompasses one of the largest uninterrupted blocks of woodlands in North Dakota of approximately 12,500 acres and the longest segment of unaltered river valley in the state. Surging waters carved the Pembina Gorge out of soft marine shale’s, creating one of the deepest and steepest river valleys in North Dakota. In this rugged and sheltered setting, an enormous swath of forest is nestled in transition zone where three different biogeographical provinces come together – boreal forest, eastern deciduous forest and central grassland. The Pembina Gorge is home to the most extensive oak woodland in the state. It also contains extensive wetland thicket with notable fauna density, the greatest development of birch woodlands, the least locally disturbed river system, the largest collective area and greatest association number of upland shrub lands. At least 65 different natural diversity features have been documented to be in the Pembina Gorge, including 30 plant species and 21 animal species, which are categorized as “rare” in the state.

Experience Walhalla and travel the 33.5 mile Rendezvous Region Scenic Backway which includes 11 miles through the Pembina Gorge and 22.5 miles traveling through the “sand hills” and encounter art, history, recreation and the sounds and sights of nature.

A few of the highlights that YP like to see and do when they come to Walhalla, a perfect location for the YP that is looking to start their career and family.


The Pembina River, located in the northwest corner of North Dakota, is North Dakota’s only “white water river.” The meandering Pembina River is considered “tame” but does offer excellent canoeing and attracts canoeing enthusiasts to its secluded landscape. The Pembina River originates near Boissevain, Manitoba, flows southeast, and enters the U.S. northeast of Langdon, ND. From the U.S. Canadian border it flows southeast to Walhalla and east to the Red River. The area between the border and Walhalla is part of the scenic Pembina Gorge and is one of the few wilderness areas left in the state. Near Walhalla the river is considered the best for canoeing as the river flows fairly fast over may small rapids. Canoe access points with floating docks are located along the river.


Explore the Pembina Gorge on your ATV or dirt bike. The trail head is located 1 mile north, 1 mile west, and ¼ mile north of the beautiful Walhalla Country Club.
While designed for the use of OHVs it is also open to hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.

The trail is made possible through the North Dakota Park and Recreation Department’s partnerships with state agency and private landowners. A 24-mile loop as well as more traditional, non-motorized trail opportunities.

This 420-acre undeveloped wildlife setting is an adventure for the entire family. Located on Hwy 32 hikers, bikers and horseback riders experience the trails leading to the Pembina River and the Pembina Hills in the winter month’s trails are used by cross country skiers.

Located on Co. Rd. 55 is the Tetrault Woods Scenic Overlook is located on top of the edge of the Pembina Gorge giving visitors a panoramic view of the gorge and Pembina River. The forest provides a diversity of forest, water and wildlife resources. Covered picnic shelter, tables and benches are available.


The scenic vista (lookout) has an elevation of 1,155’ above sea level. The vista overlooks the beautiful Pembina River and the Pembina Hills. A beautiful site in the summer and fall.

The Walhalla Country Club, a scenic nine hole grass green golf course, is located in the beautiful Pembina Gorge. It is common to see a doe and her fawn grazing near the fairway, or to see a moose in the fields below. So if a ball is lost, there is no problem finding natural beauty. The course is complete with a modern club house, rental golf carts, a complete restaurant, and lounge.

75-80 million-year-old fossils have recently been found in the Pembina Gorge. At least for Mosasours, along with sharks, fish vertebrae and fish scales were discovered and identified by Dr. John Hoganason, Paleontologist with the ND Geographical Survey. Mosasours were the most fearsome predators, which dominated the Western interior Seaway during the Cretaceous Age. Excavation of the find will begin in researched. The North Dakota Geological Survey, North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department, and the City of Walhalla are hosting a dig August 19 -25, 2013. Details and registration information visit www.walhalland.org.

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