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A little bit about how and when you got started

I graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in August 2008, and purchased CornerStone Chiropractic the very next day. From the very beginning, I had a huge vision for our community in mind, and started working on that vision with the help of my team every waking hour. Our office purpose: To create and inspire a culture of healthy, excited and passionate individuals within Minot and the surrounding communities to live the life of their dreams.

What should people know about your business

Our business exists for the purpose of enhancing people’s health and lives. We offer a variety of services that accomplish this mission. The foundation for everything we do is making sure a person’s body has the ability to heal and stay healthy. We use only the most advanced analytic technology to assess a person’s level of health and wellness – tests that cannot be found anywhere else in our area.  Once we understand a person’s health and their long-term health goals, we create programs that are designed to help them achieve those goals. Services include chiropractic care first and foremost – without this foundation, no other lifestyle changes are as effective. Next, we incorporate nutritional and exercise programs that are aimed to help a person achieve a higher level of health and life expression. We have amazing massage therapists on staff as well as a Wellness Coach. In addition, we provide Corporate Wellness Services to the community, which includes community workshops, Lunch & Learn Health talks for businesses and organizations, as well as a personal development program called LifeBook.

What tips do you have for other YPs that are looking to start their own business

  1. If interested in starting a business, first define your purpose. Your purpose has to be more than “to help people.” You must very clearly define what it is you want your business to accomplish, and why.  The why is essential, because this is your motivation. Until your purpose is clearly defined, you have no end goal to give you direction.
  2. Once you’re clear on your purpose, think with a business mind. Your heart may be 100% in it – but your head has to be in your business too. Sit down and create a viable business plan. Know how you’re going to operate, what it’s going to cost, and where your revenue will come in. It’s ok to be concerned with the financials – they do not take away from your purpose, but rather make it possible. If we couldn’t profit from our business, then we can’t stay open and fulfill our purpose. Understand that profitability is a sign that you are creating value.
  3. Surround yourself with those who call you to something greater. You absolutely must find an accountability group to work with – they will push you, challenge you and keep you on-track.  There are methods to finding these people, and well-researched and developed structures for running these accountability groups. I’ve learned a great deal about accountability, it’s purpose and the methods – and can teach others how to have great success in this area as well.
  4. Set objectives – not just goals. There is a difference. Write down your objectives and divide them up into annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily action steps. Then – follow the plan.
  5. Lead. Inspire your team – leaders inspire other leaders, not followers. If you create an amazing team, your purpose will be fulfilled with greater ease, more energy and passion. Know, understand and continually be involved in team-building. Take great care of your team, and they in turn will take great care of you.
  6. Expect, represent and instill excellence in everything you touch.

Where can people learn more about your business

Learn more about CornerStone Chiropractic at www.yourcornerstonechiro.com. For more information about Dr. Staci Borkhuis, her community and business workshops and lectures, please contact Christy at cmiller@creatingwellnesscenters.com

If you are a YP and own your own business we want to feature you – email ldell@trainingnd.com.


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