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A little bit about how and when you got started

Onsharp was started in the summer of 2000 between my Sophomore and Junior years in college. I’ve always had a passion for computers and web development, and I knew that the path I was going to take was to start and run my own business rather than working for another company when I finished college. As any new start up does, I began by doing anything and everything I could to get clients and to get experience. The most common work I did involved working with departments at the college I attended as well as local small businesses to help them with the design and functionality of their websites.

The great thing about starting a business for me was that it was the best way for me to learn the trade and develop my skills. There were not many options at the colleges for web development classes, so those of us that were passionate about it had to chart our own paths in our free time to get up to speed on the technologies. When my buddies were out having fun at night and on the weekends, I was at home in my apartment being a sponge and learning about my industry and how to build a business.

What should people know about your business

If there’s one thing I want people to know about Onsharp, it’s that we serve a much larger purpose than just creating web and mobile solutions. Our passion is really to drive success and make those we work with successful. That happens at Onsharp in 3 ways; success for our clients, success for our employees, and success for our local community. We have to do all 3 of those things well to really consider ourselves a successful company that is fulfilling a worthwhile purpose.

What 1 tip do you have for other YP that are looking to start their own business

This is an easy question. “Be positive”. Nothing kills momentum and progress more than a negative attitude, either within yourself or from the people around you. Entrepreneurs need to be resilient and know that there is always a solution to a problem and that there will always be problems to solve.  Surround yourself with positive thinkers and those that will encourage you. Don’t let those who want to see you fail get inside your circle.

Where can people learn more about your business

Those who are interested in learning more about Onsharp as well as our sister companies Dakota Cloud Networks and SmartPay can visit their respective websites, located at:


And of course, we always welcome phone calls and emails from those who have a unique technology challenge to solve. You can contact any one of us at Onsharp by visiting our team page at www.onsharp.com/about/our-team.

If you are a YP and own your own business we want to feature you – email ldell@trainingnd.com.

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