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A little bit about how and when you got started

I realized I had the entrepreneurial spirit when I started Rollin’ on the River, the inline skating marathon held each August in Grand Forks (www.rollinontheriver-inline.com).  After doing that for 2 years I knew I needed to work for myself someday. This fall I attended the CTB Women’s Business Summit in Bismarck and through networking, was introduced to a business coach. I started working with her in November and by the end of 2012, I had my business idea solidified.

Since then I’ve continued working with that coach – she does group coaching classes at www.dailywhip.com – and I’ve started to cultivate my online presence.  My signature program, Lucky Wedding Logic, starts at the end of March.

What should people know about your business

My business offers online wedding planning, coaching and support to brides. It’s not focused on picking out all the items for your wedding like the perfect dress, flowers or centerpieces that complete the look. Most brides love to do those things. Where they really need help is in managing all the details, getting clear on what needs to be done and by when. I created a program called Lucky Wedding Logic that helps brides with all of this.  We also tackle the day-of and days-around the wedding, including how to ask others for help, which is often overlooked or not done very well.

Brides-to-be should know that I’m launching Lucky Wedding Logic on March 31, 2013. The introductory price is only $97 and includes many bonuses and perks for being a part of the launch. My goal with the launch is to offer a service worth at least 2-3 times the value and obtain feedback for enhancing the course. My website has all the details and I’m always on hand to answer questions.

What 1 tip do you have for other YP that are looking to start their own business

I’m going to borrow a phrase from a mentor I came across recently.  Don’t be a “wantrepreneur” – someone who acts like an entrepreneur but isn’t. It’s easy to get stuck in an endless loop of thinking about ideas, talking about them constantly but never testing them out. Try things – the worst thing that can happen is that it fails. If it fails – oh well, you have a  good story and have hopefully learned a lesson. But you’ll never know if you don’t try… and trying doesn’t have to take a lot of money. With the internet, most, if not all, research and testing can be done for free.

Where can people learn more about your business

www.7luckylane.com or send me an email at laura@7luckylane.com

If you are a YP and own your own business we want to feature you – email ldell@trainingnd.com.


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