Featured Community – Bowman

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Featured Community – Bowman ,ND

Population approx. 2000 residents (we buck what the census tells us)

Fun Fact about the community
People used to associate our town with Native Americans with the symbol of a ‘bow’ and a ‘man’, however we have no past history or association with Native Americans or any reservation.  Our town was named after a gentleman who helped establish the community along the railroad.  No one is sure were the original ‘bow-man’ logo came from.

Local hot spot/where will you find YPs hanging out
The coffee shop!  We have a great gourmet coffee/gift/flower shop that is very popular for all ages. Our main street has an abundance of young business owners and young professionals and you’ll often see them grabbing a cup of joe.

Best reason for a YP to visit
Usually YP’s that visit end up staying and we like it that way. We’ve got jobs, housing, daycare and we are still clean and safe.

Anything else you would like to share about the community
People associate the west with all kinds of negative images-unsafe, dirty, hectic, etc.  Things are NOT that way in Bowman, we are in the oil field but we still have housing, hotels and are above all-clean and safe!   We have opportunity here and we want to keep our community attractive for young families and lifelong citizens. Cleanliness and recreational opportunities are top priorities. Come take a look for yourself… and grab a cup of coffee too!

For more information visit www.bowmannd.com

See Google Map of Bowman

Thank you to Ashley Alderson, Executive Director of Bowman County Development Corporation, for sharing her town with us!


If you would like to feature your community, email ldell@trainingnd.com.

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