Network Resources

If you are interested in starting a new YP network in your area check out the Starting a New YP section.

The following resources are provided as examples of existing network materials that may help your network in creating materials for your own local use. Some of the documents may be outdated and therefore should not be used as accurate information for the providing network, if you are looking for updated information please contact the local network directly (contact information is provided in our Networks Directory). If you are looking for a particular type of document and can’t find an example below, please contact the NDYP Coordinator.

Annual Reports

2012 Annual Report: Greater Grand Forks YP

2013 Annual Report: Bismarck-Mandan YP

Sample Sponsorship Documents

$500 Sponsorship Package: Minot YP

$1000 Sponsorship Package: Minot YP

Partner Program: Bismarck-Mandan YP

Corporate Sponsorship: Greater Grand Forks YP

Scheels Sponsorship Package Proposal: Greater Grand Forks YP

Sample Promotional Materials

Business Card: Dickinson YP

Rack Card: Dickinson YP

Rack Card: Greater Grand Forks YP

Membership Card: Dickinson YP

Membership Brochure: Minot YP

Newsletter: Dickinson YP

Membership Flyer: Greater Grand Forks YP

Making an Impact: Greater Grand Forks YP

YP FAQs: Greater Grand Forks YP

About YP PowerPoint: Greater Grand Forks YP

Sample Membership Applications

Membership Application: Devils Lake YP

Membership Application: Dickinson YP

Membership Application: Greater Grand Forks YP

Membership Brochure: Minot YP

Sample Events

Board Training: Greater Grand Forks YP

Annual Events: Greater Grand Forks YP

Sample Bylaws

Chamber Partnership: Bismarck-Mandan YP Bylaws

Service Organization Partnership: Minot YP Bylaws

Chamber Driven: Fargo-Moorhead YP Bylaws

Independent: Greater Grand Forks YP Bylaws


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