Discussion Questions

What are the benefits of a YP network?

YP networks help members connect to their community, as well as other young people across North Dakota, giving them a better understanding of the state as a whole.

Research shows, YPs are 2-3 times more likely to stay in a community if they are engaged in the community and connected with peers outside of their work environment.

Members are quickly exposed to the “flavor” of the community and its offerings in arts, culture, history, athletics, etc. In addition, YP groups give back to their community through civic and service projects.

Why are YP networks important to North Dakota’s workforce retention?

When people move or return to North Dakota, YP networks can offer an instant network of friends and business associates. This helps them establish roots in their community and gives them a sense of belonging.

YP networks serve as great ambassadors of the community. Who better to sell your community to other YPs than the YPs already living there?

What is the definition of a young professional?

Most YP networks focus on 21-41 years olds with a don’t ask – don’t tell policy on age.

YP members can represent all walks of life and occupations.

What is the difference between a YP network and other civic groups?

Unlike many civic groups or clubs, a YP network has no nationwide rules, bylaws, or offices.
Each individual YP group is free to make their network work for them and is operated
independently from the North Dakota Young Professionals.

Existing civic groups are free to partner with or start YP networks, using their own club activities as a starting point for YP events.

What are some examples of YP network activities?

YP networks typically focus on a combination of the following:

  • Professional development
  • Service
  • Social
  • Entrepreneurship

YP networks in North Dakota have held professional lunch and learns, helped build homes in
partnership with Habitat for Humanity, cheered at basketball games, and much more.

Decide what your group is most interested in to start, gradually expanding to other activities as the network grows. All of these activities help YPs stay engaged and establish roots in their community.

How do I start a YP network in my community?

North Dakota Young Professionals has free resources available to help guide you through starting and growing your local YP network.

For more information please contact Lexi Preszler at lexi@trainingnd.com or call 701-223-0707.

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