2013 NDYP Best Place Awards

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NDYP Announces Tie for Best Place to Intern

The future of our state and communities is dependent on the attraction, retention and engagement of the up and coming work force. Young professionals are looking to make their mark in an environment where they are valued and they can set a path toward their future career.

For these reasons, the North Dakota Young Professionals Network (NDYP) promotes businesses in the state that are willing to provide positive jobs and experiences for young professionals in an effort to attract, retain and engage young professionals in North Dakota.

For the first time in the six year history of the award, there is a tie for the NDYP Best Place to Intern award. Eide Bailly and North Dakota Department of Commerce have both been selected as outstanding honorees and will share the 2013 title of Best Place to Intern.

“The North Dakota Young Professionals Network finds it important to recognize businesses that provide high quality internships and opportunities for professional growth among the younger generations,” says Laurie Morse-Dell, NDYP Coordinator. “The NDYP Best Place to Intern Award honors businesses that make a serious commitment to quality internship opportunities for young professionals and we are pleased to recognize both of these organizations as 2013 NDYP Best Places to Intern.”

Eide Bailly not only offers over 40 internships annually in North Dakota, but they also offer a two day summer leadership program where students are able to meet with staff members and learn more about the firm. Their dedication to developing the young professional workforce is best explained by Eide Bailly Audit Intern, Brittny Burns: “From the first interview with Eide Bailly, I knew I wanted to work here. As an intern I have been delegated the same responsibilities an audit associate would be assigned on a daily basis. What I really respect is that from day one, you are treated as a member of the team and you are expected to perform the same work as a full-time staff member. As an intern, I have been exposed to clients in several different industries so that I am able to get a feel for what type of work I like best and also to gain a variety of experience. Eide Bailly provides me with all of the tools I need to succeed as well as guidance and support to help me reach my goals.”

North Dakota Department of Commerce has a history of investing in younger generations through their Youth Forward office, Career Conversations program and participation in Crash Course and Young Professionals programming. Former Marketing and Communications Intern, Tonya Bauer, shares why the Department of Commerce is among the best: “My internship experience was extremely educational and allowed me to get hands-on experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, and journalism. From my first day, my supervisors were assigning me important tasks that were essential for projects within the company. I felt valued as an employee and was an equal member of the team. My coworkers made me feel comfortable from my first day there. They were interested in my work and acknowledged my successes and gave me constructive criticism when applicable. Overall the experience was extremely educational but also enjoyable. I was excited to go to work everyday because I knew my work was important and appreciated by the employees of the company.“

The Best Place to Intern Awards coincide with the Best Place to Work Awards, which were started by NDYP in 2008. The awards were created to acknowledge creative approaches that enrich careers for young professionals. To be considered for the award applicants must submit a detailed questionnaire regarding the work styles, environment, and contribution consideration from interns. A statewide committee of NDYP members judged the nominees and determined the winner, as well as four runners up in the Best Place to Intern category.

Runners up as Top Places to Intern include the following employers: Applied Engineering Inc., Bismarck; Sundog, Fargo; Absolute Marketing Group, Fargo; and SIA Marketing Company, Bismarck.

NDYP Recognizes Sundog as 2013 Best Place to Work

Young professionals looking to create a future in North Dakota, embrace opportunities to be a part of companies that will help them build their personal and professional lives and leave their legacies within the community. North Dakota Young Professionals Network (NDYP) recognizes businesses that provide high quality jobs and a work environment enticing to and in support of young professionals in order to support ongoing economic, workforce and community development initiatives across the state.

NDYP has chosen Sundog as the 2013 Best Place to Work, this makes Sundog a two time winner of the award and the only company in the history of the award to win more than once. Sundog was also selected as the 2010 Best Place to Work and is often listed among the runners up.

“We are very proud to present Sundog with the Best Place to Work award and to recognize their continued dedication to young professionals over the years. They have developed a culture of creativity and excellence both in and out of the office that encompasses the attract, retain, and engage movement NDYP is built on. There was an overwhelming number of outstanding applicants this year which made a tough decision for the judges. The diversity and quality of nominees from across the state signifies that businesses in North Dakota understand the importance of attracting, retaining and engaging young professionals.” says Laurie Morse-Dell, NDYP Coordinator.

Sundog’s application was overflowing with fun and quirky benefits sure to entice those of any age (bi-weekly chair massages, all expense paid holiday party weekends in Minneapolis, sports team sponsorships, a knitting club, onsite Starbucks coffee machine and a snack cupboard just to name a few) but there is something much deeper to why Sundog leads the pack of North Dakota businesses. Their investment and dedication to their employees is rooted deep in their company culture of success. Employees are actually encouraged to freelance, build their networks and create start-ups of their own. It’s all about working your hardest, being your best and having fun in everything you do.

When asked what makes Sundog unique or unusual for a young professional to work at, Associate Designer Megan Beck explained; “Age is no differentiator here. Great ideas come from those with great minds, and everyone who works at Sundog is more than capable of bringing those ideas to the table. From there, decisions are made by teams of great leaders, both young and old. Sundog has a thorough training process and great mentorship program that makes it easy to step into this agency setting right out of college and feel like you won’t lose your footing. They encourage new and big ideas. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try, they will support you. If you need help in a certain area, like presenting, they will pay for speech classes to help you improve. If there’s a conference you want to go to, they will pay for your way to go and give you paid days off. They not only care about the work that you do, they care about you. And that just makes you want to work harder to give them the best of your work that you can.”

Started by NDYP in 2008, the Best Place to Work Awards coincide with the Best Place to Intern Awards. The awards are a reflection of the creativity and innovation that businesses offer young professionals. To be considered for the award applicants submitted a detailed questionnaire about the company benefits, advancement opportunities, and why their business is an outstanding place for young professionals to work. A statewide committee of NDYP members judged the nominees and determined the winner, as well as ten runners up in the Best Place to Work category.

Runners up as Top Places to Work include the following employers: AE2S, Inc., Grand Forks; Applied Engineering, Inc., Bismarck; Capital Credit Union, Bismarck; Choice Financial Group, Grafton; Coventry Health, Bismarck; Eide Bailly, Fargo; KLJ, Bismarck; North Dakota Department of Commerce, Bismarck; RealTruck, Inc., Jamestown; and SIA Companies, Bismarck.


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